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Accounting Firms can find a better way than just compliance

I took over my father’s Accounting firm after he had suffered a stroke at age sixty, just as he was heading into retirement. I found myself sitting in his chair, in his office, dealing with the same clients, the same office politics, chasing the same low fees, and thinking…..there must be a better way. Why […]

Investing in yourself and your people is key to your success

Like any type of investment, putting time, money, and energy into an employee’s development can be anxiety inducing: will my investment  pay off? Am I making the right decision, for me and for them?    You might even feel so overwhelmed with the daily challenges in your business that you don’t have time to worry […]

Bring your team to Armadillo Con 2022 to empower them (and free yourself)

Does running your own accounting firm give you the freedom you hoped it would? How can you improve your team, improve your firm, and as a result improve the quality of your life? That’s what ArmadilloCon 2022 sets out to answer. On 22nd June, we’re holding an in-person event with a list of fantastic speakers […]

You’re invited to Armadillo Live Online

Armadillo Webinar

Join us for a 2 half day virtual event and drive your firm forward   Business development is so often left to the Partners and Directors of a firm, but with the right training and guidance, your whole team can drive your goals. We’re inviting you to Armadillo Live Online a 2 half day virtual event […]

Events aren’t over! Catch up with friends in person and drive business development at Armadillo Live

Fancy getting dressed up for a real in-person event? And when we say dressed up, we mean paying attention to more than just the desktop level half of our bodies. Imagine that!?   After this protracted period of lockdown and remote working, we wouldn’t blame you for being all zoomed out. Which is why we’re […]