Put wellbeing at the
top of your to-do list

The Armadillo Wellbeing Programme provides practical self care for owners of accounting firms and their teams

When you’re putting everything into running your firm, it can be easy to neglect one of your most valuable assets: your health.

Self care isn’t just a zeitgeisty buzzword, it’s good business. Prioritising your health and promoting a behaviour of wellbeing in your workplace means a happier, healthier and more productive team.

Wellbeing starts with you,
the business owner

Remember you built your own business in order to have autonomy over your working life.

Whatever you want your life to look like, you want your business to help facilitate it. If you’re constantly stressed, frustrated and on the verge of burnout, something needs to change.

The Armadillo wellbeing programme is a mindfulness toolkit
designed for accounting firm owners and their teams

Via the Armadillo Academy, this programme is available to your whole team – happy team, happy clients, happy office, happy owners.
Our aim is to give you the tools to reprogramme your mindset and help you deal with whatever life sends your way.
The video course provides understanding on the 4 key elements of wellness alongside a practical workbook designed to help you reprogramme your mindset.

What the Armadillo Wellbeing
Programme covers

What the Armadillo Academy Wellbeing
One Life – 4 Elements



Hydration & Nutrition







The body, mind, emotions and spirit are all interconnected. If we work on one area but neglect another, we’re going to run into the same problems again down the line.

Rather than opt for a quick fix youtube video for an SOS situation, far better we have a programme that takes care of all areas in a long lasting and harmonious way.

What’s the return on your investment in workplace wellbeing?

  • Better mental and emotional health
  • Prevention of stress related physical illness
  • Clearer decision making and better crisis management
  • A more productive and supportive workplace
  • A happier, healthier team
  • Happier, calmer clients
  • A more desirable environment for potential clients and hires

Enjoy a free taster session to understand why these things are important

How to take the course

This is a step by step programme to take you through the next year and beyond on your wellbeing journey. We recommend taking the course one video per month to be able to assimilate your learning into your daily practices before moving on to the next.

Brought to you by Gordon Berry,
NLP trained accountant

Gordon Berry


  • Go to person for Mindset and Growth
  • Master NLP Coach & Practitioner
  • Master Hypnotherapist
  • Master Time-Line Therapist
  • Certified DiSC Trainer

I previously took over an Accountancy Firm where the owner (my Father) had taken unwell as a result of the stress involved in running the practice on his own. I quickly learned a lot about running and developing a firm. Because of this experience, I’m motivated to help accountants grow and develop their Accountancy & Tax practices in a way that is sustainable for them and helps them achieve the quality of life they desire. I’m constantly developing my own thinking and understanding in order to help people with theirs, so they can find more peace and happiness in life.

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