Our aim is to help
Armadillo members fly

We do so by focusing on how, not what. We help members improve their mindset and develop their teams and businesses. We do this by offering support, mentorship, training and a community of other professionals who all face the very same challenges.

Why is Practice Development important?

  • Win more profitable work

  • Attract new high value clients

  • Delegate and automate

  • Have an easier life

In addition to the Practice Development tools that will make recruitment and managing your teams easier (Powered by citrusHR software is included for all Armadillo members), we will help you improve leadership and your teams mindset.

Armadillo Top Tips for Practice Development


Success always comes back to the team around you.


It is vital that your team can see where they’re going and what part they play.


Have a plan! The goal always belongs at the beginning.


The Four Marketing Principals

Be a part of the community and choose
what a better life means to you