Tax expertise on hand when you really need it

Our Tax Partner Service provides accountants with an expert second opinion on complex tax matters, saving hours of research time

Tax doesn’t have to be taxing… but it often is!

You want to feel confident you can guide and support your clients through all tax matters, however opaque or difficult. But you don’t have the capacity to do all the research you need to feel sure you’re giving them the best advice.

Extra expertise or just a reassuring second opinion can be a great comfort

As an accountant it’s very hard to be a master of all trades. Even an in-house tax expert can feel more secure knowing they have back up support on particular topics.

As an Armadillo member you get monthly access to advice from our own tax specialist.

Meet Matt

Chartered Tax Advisor with over 30 years experience in the field.

He began his career with the then Inland Revenue in 1992 before going on to work for three Top 10 firms; latterly sitting on the National Tax Board of RSM Tenon Plc.

Before joining forces with Gordon, Matt ran his own niche tax consultancy business for 7 years; specialising in employment taxes and HMRC investigations.

Our Tax Partner Service gives members access to our own tax specialist, Matt Hall

Matt supports Armadillo members by offering an additional level of expertise for complex tax matters; be that a formal written answer, or simply a quick call and reassuring second opinion.

What you get with our
Tax Partner Service:

One hour of Matt’s time every month free of charge via a dedicated helpline or email. This includes any necessary research, calls or online meetings
A discounted fee for complex issues requiring more than one hour of work per month. A suitable fee is agreed with members in advance of carrying out any work. Matt will consult with third parties on matters outside our own expertise. Any third party costs are also agreed in advance.

Our Tax Partner Service also includes

  • CPD webinars
  • Monthly tax case summaries
  • Regular webinars on topical tax issues
  • A weekly round up of industry related news stories,
    including the latest developments in tax

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Watch Matt review the Autumn Statement Nov 2022

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