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How do I free up more time in my accountancy firm?

Free up time

When you’re overwhelmed by the daily work and responsibilities of running a firm, you find yourself thinking “If I only had more hours in the day”. How do I free up more time in my accountancy firm? It’s natural to feel that way when you’re head down in the work. But it’s possible you don’t […]

What does the future look like for your accounting firm?

It’s likely you have an idea of the kind of tax or accounting firm you want to run, how far you want to go with it, and what impact you want it to have on your life. In our experience working with accountants (and being in the accounting industry ourselves) we know there are some […]

You’re invited to Armadillo Live Online

Armadillo Webinar

Join us for a 2 half day virtual event and drive your firm forward   Business development is so often left to the Partners and Directors of a firm, but with the right training and guidance, your whole team can drive your goals. We’re inviting you to Armadillo Live Online a 2 half day virtual event […]

I’m working harder than ever in my accounting firm – Where am I going wrong?

employee development and up skilling your team

You left employment and went out on your own to give yourself more freedom to choose how you do business. To choose how you would develop your practice; to choose the kind of future you wanted to have, and choose how your business would fit in and accommodate you. If you’re reading this it’s very […]

Is there a better way to develop our teams?

Developing teams

We work in a profession in which recruitment and promotion are traditionally based on technical excellence. Training is often provided for professional exams but little else. The focus is largely on Gross Recurring Fees (GRF) or chargeable hours. The focus on developing teams often falls solely on leaders who already have a thousand things to […]

How can I develop my team beyond the technical training?

How can I develop my team beyond the technical training? The way we learn the skills that cannot be taught by the Institutes is often by spending time working beside our peers and superiors, soaking in the good and filtering the bad. Sadly the Covid pandemic has limited the extent to which your teams can […]