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How do I free up more time in my accountancy firm?

Free up time

When you’re overwhelmed by the daily work and responsibilities of running a firm, you find yourself thinking “If I only had more hours in the day”. How do I free up more time in my accountancy firm? It’s natural to feel that way when you’re head down in the work. But it’s possible you don’t […]

Casting spells – why goal setting often fails

As we start a new year everyone encourages us to be goal setting. Creating targets for how we would like things to be in our businesses or careers, and that is a good thing. But that is only the first step in the process. Sadly, having set our sights on what would make us happy, […]

Events aren’t over! Catch up with friends in person and drive business development at Armadillo Live

Fancy getting dressed up for a real in-person event? And when we say dressed up, we mean paying attention to more than just the desktop level half of our bodies. Imagine that!?   After this protracted period of lockdown and remote working, we wouldn’t blame you for being all zoomed out. Which is why we’re […]

Is there a better way to develop our teams?

Developing teams

We work in a profession in which recruitment and promotion are traditionally based on technical excellence. Training is often provided for professional exams but little else. The focus is largely on Gross Recurring Fees (GRF) or chargeable hours. The focus on developing teams often falls solely on leaders who already have a thousand things to […]