Like any type of investment, putting time, money, and energy into an employee’s development can be anxiety inducing: will my investment  pay off? Am I making the right decision, for me and for them? 


You might even feel so overwhelmed with the daily challenges in your business that you don’t have time to worry about the future. But studies and experience show that putting effort into your employees’ development will have demonstrable benefits for you and your business.


Your staff have more career choices than ever before, meaning increased pressure to retain your key people 


Larger firms in central hubs that pay more and offer more varied prospects than smaller firms, are suddenly in reach. Commuting greater distances only once or twice a week (or not at all) is much less a barrier to move.


And so, the pressure to retain your key people intensifies. The pressure to win more work, to meet their financial expectations increases. And often falls on the most senior people within the firm who already have too much on their plate. 


It is time to share that burden; to invest in your colleagues so that they can relieve some of the strain.


Investing in yourself and your people is key to your success

A WorldatWork Survey of HR professionals found that promotions and career development opportunities was one of the top five methods for talent retention – more effective than above-market pay or spot bonuses. 


There are a lot of methods and theories when it comes to talent retention. In our experience of building and managing teams, we’ve learned the importance of investing in individuals to improve the collective. 


With the right mindset, tools, training and confidence you can have a unified, motivated team all aiming for the same goals.


A unified, motivated, team, all pulling in the same direction, aiming for the same goals, willing to do that little bit more (often without being asked) is a common theme in the vast majority of successful businesses. 


The key to getting there is mindset


Armadillo members will often hear Gordon talk about the importance of mindset in life and in practice. It is vital to understand where you are now and where you want to be. To picture your success so you can figure out how to achieve it. Gordon’s mindfulness sessions and wellness programme help Armadillo members do just that.


In the Armadillo Academy, we focus on how members can improve their mindset and develop their teams and businesses. Between us, we’ve modernised, grown and sold businesses. We’ve built great teams and understand what it takes to develop a whole firm, rather than just partners and senior staff. 


Ultimately our mission is to help you achieve the business, and life, you want. We do this by encouraging you to start investing in yourself and your people. We offer support, mentorship, training and a community of other professionals who all face the very same challenges & opportunities. To learn more check out our Armadillo Academy page.