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Why do small businesses need HR support?

Running a small business can be both demanding and rewarding. From the early days of being a brand-new start-up through to running a thriving well-established business, managing people will always be part and parcel of being a business owner. Whether you have a team of 2 or 20, it is important to get the people […]

You are only ever one thought away from happiness

The most stressful month in the calendar for Accountants has now passed.   It is time to take stock so that it doesn’t have to be that way again in the future.   The stressed accountant   A major piece of research published in 2022 by caba, an ICAEW charity, found that more than half […]

Our mission: Why does the Armadillo Academy exist?

I was asked at an Accounting event recently why are Armadillo here? What’s our mission.   I missed the emphasis and gave the best sales pitch I could muster, something partly rehearsed, partly tailored to the questioner. Taking Gordon’s advice, I pictured answering this very question before arriving at the venue; answering well, with a […]