I was asked at an Accounting event recently why are Armadillo here? What’s our mission.


I missed the emphasis and gave the best sales pitch I could muster, something partly rehearsed, partly tailored to the questioner. Taking Gordon’s advice, I pictured answering this very question before arriving at the venue; answering well, with a successful outcome (because it’s far better to focus on what we want rather than worry about what we don’t).


But I had missed the point and answered a slightly different question to that asked. 


My questioner didn’t want to know why we were at the event – they wanted to know why Armadillo was there, anywhere, at all?  What are we hoping Armadillo will achieve? 


We built Armadillo to be the support system we needed when growing and selling our businesses


Put simply, we want to help those who work in a profession in which Gordon and myself have spent more than 50 years combined, build the best businesses and therefore best lives, they can. Because we know it’s hard. 


Between us, we’ve modernised, grown and sold businesses. We’ve built great teams and understand what it takes to develop a whole firm, rather than just partners and senior staff. 


We’ve also seen personally what happens when you get stuck in the cycle of suffering. When overworking and stress takes a toll on your physical and mental wellbeing. We have walked your walk.


To infinity and beyond…


From afar there is little discernible difference between falling with style and flying (how). But the outcome (what) is very different!


Our mission is to help Armadillo Academy members fly 


We do so by focusing on how, not what. We focus on how members can improve their mindset and develop their teams and businesses. Ultimately our mission is to help you achieve the business, and life, you want.


We do this by offering support, mentorship, training and a community of other professionals who all face the very same challenges & opportunities. 


Everything we do at Armadillo is guided by four key principles. You can expect this from us, and we expect this from you.



We believe the right thing to do is tell you the truth, not just tell you what you want to hear. We’ll tell you what you need to know, and what we firmly believe you need to do to make your life better. Most of our members are with us because of that honesty.



We won’t tell you what you want to hear just to sell you something or to make money out of it. We will guide you honestly along a path for your benefit, not ours.



We stay the course, and we champion others who stay the course. We believe in making things better for you. If something’s not working, do it a different way, try something different. Take steps to make things better. It’s hard doing business on your own – we’re here to help steer you along.



Armadillo members are part of a community of Accountants who are stretching and growing. We share knowledge and experience in a safe environment. We’re honest with each other and come from the same place of integrity. We’ll nurture you with a family mindset. Sometimes that means an arm round the shoulder, sometimes a push in a different direction. 


With the right support; with Armadillo, you and your firm can fly.


How could your business provide a better quality of life for you and your team?


We know how big of a support system accountants can be for their clients. The modern accountant is tuned in to their client’s personal goals, and coaching them to run a business that moves them closer to their vision, rather than closer to a breakdown. 


How tuned in are you to your own goals? And the systems and habits you need to create to achieve them? The biggest challenges we see members face include:


  • Not enough time with their family
  • Not enough free time, full stop
  • Not enough good clients
  • Not enough profit
  • Unenthusiastic and inefficient team
  • People in the wrong roles for their experience
  • Clients not paying enough for compliance
  • Too much competition


In our blog what does the future of your accounting firm look like?we dig into some of these challenges and explore how you (and your team) can get clarity on the direction you want your practice to head in – and understand what is needed to drive it there. 


Remember, your personal goals are so intrinsically tied to your drive for the business. If you’re stuck with the practicalities of tying your business to your personal goals, I encourage you to check out our Academy page and see how becoming a member will give you the freedom to choose the kind of business you want to run, based around the kind of life you want to have.